Practical Works Is On Hiatus!

After a year of coaching and consulting with teams, I have taken a job as CXO of Primary! Although I won't be coaching, I want to leave this site up so that folks can still access the information, as well as so that I can one day return!

What makes teams great?

Hiring and developing great people, communicating a strong vision, and crafting great processes and culture. All are critical factors in your organization’s ability to execute. And they’re some of the most challenging things to get right and maintain as your team grows and evolves. I’m here to help.

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How I Can Help

Org and Product Consulting


Not sure how to approach your next reorg? Need help getting teams to set goals together that align with the company’s? Want to improve your product development process? Or overhaul your recruiting, annual review and promotion processes? No matter the challenge, I can help you not only achieve your objectives, but also enable you and your teams to smoothly tackle similar problems in the future.

Design Recruiting


Need help recruiting for your design team? Take advantage of my years of experience recruiting, on-boarding and retaining designers! Whether you want to improve your recruiting process, get help with sourcing candidates or need someone to interview potential design hires, I'm here to help. My rate is hourly, so there's no huge charge when you make a great hire.

Speaking Engagement


Looking to inspire your team and introduce them to some practical ways they can approach their work, collaborations and how they think about the organization? Let’s chat about your team and what topics would be most valuable to touch on in an hour-long presentation + Q&A. Afterward, I’ll be available for a few hours of coffee, lunch and chats with folks 1-on-1.

Curious about nitty-gritty details like billing, late fees, etc.? Check out my open and transparent policies.

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