Practical Works Is On Hiatus!

After a year of coaching and consulting with teams, I have taken a job as CXO of Primary! Although I won't be coaching, I want to leave this site up so that folks can still access the information, as well as so that I can one day return!

Work better. Together.

Whether you’re a manager in need of coaching, a leader looking to increase velocity, or a team desiring better collaboration across disciplines, Practical Works can help you establish a strong foundation and baseline for future growth, as well as help you take your work to the next level.

What is Practical Works?

Practical Works is an organizational and leadership consultancy started by Cap Watkins. After years spent nurturing teams and managers, Practical Works was founded to bring learnings from companies like Amazon, Etsy and BuzzFeed to other teams, managers and leaders across Tech.

Why Practical Works?

Working with Cap is great. He gives supportive feedback with a straightforward perspective. He encourages problem solving with authenticity, and has helped me clarify my values about leadership and collaboration.

Nicole Boettcher

My Promise

I believe that consulting should, like work, be approached as pragmatically as possible. With that in mind, here are my promises to the people I work with:

  1. I will never over-solve.

    I believe that any process should exist to serve people, not the other way around. Many consultancies have a tendency to apply their process for the sake of applying their process. I know that every organization, team and individual’s struggles are unique, and carefully scope solutions to meet those needs.

  2. The goal is less work, not more.

    While I obviously love establishing deep, long-term relationships with people, teams and companies, that is not my primary goal. Instead, I approach every one of my relationships with the desire to give people tools and training that makes my involvement irrelevant. I'm never prouder than when I end a contract because I simply am no longer necessary.

  3. Pricing will always be transparent and simple.

    This means no confusion over what you’re paying and what you’re paying for. Unlike other consultancies and coaches, I put my pricing on this website (with the exception of very large, long-term projects that I need time to scope out), making it easy for you to know right away whether or not to reach out.

  4. My services are for everyone.

    Getting career coaching as an individual can be tough to afford, particularly in the early stages of your career (when arguably you need help the most!). I believe coaching should not exist solely for executives, but should be available to as many people as possible. Starting with reduced-cost monthly office hours, I will always look for ways to provide support to people across all levels and economic situations.

  5. I will share what I learn.

    I believe that there is a severe lack of practical leadership and career advice being shared on the Internet. I promise to share things I learn along the way, providing practical tools and guidance as openly and broadly as possible.

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